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Mold Making Factory – JINGXIN Company. JINGXIN® is committed to the continual upgrading of machinery and equipment to ensure we offer a state of the art mold tooling and die casting die manufacturing facility. We also provide turnkey services beyond our mold manufacturing including creating initial designs and prototypes for the molds, manufacturing the tooling, designing custom fixturing, and providing the die cast part production. JINGXIN®’s size, lift capacity and machine capability — comprised of high-speed machining centers, state-of-the-art CNC sinker EDM machines and extensive engineering expertise — sets us apart from our competitors.

Mold Making

Professional Die Casting Molding Manufacturer

  • With a fully stocked mold and die component inventory we provide short lead times on repairs.
  • We assure continuous, high volume, trouble free molding through innovative validation.
  • From small to large, single cavity to multi cavity, our mold design capabilities are unmatched.

We offer complete tooling services, including

  • Product design.
  • Design and manufacturing of new molds and Dies.
  • Mold and die revision and repair.
  • Mold validation.

Die Casting Molding Service

Combined with the rapid tooling methods and post machining way, our team brings extensive experience to provide you casted parts with a short lead-time which saves costs without compromising quality, all via our mature methods.

JINGXIN® will work with you to complete your part design so it’s completely optimized for die cast production.

The customer’s product design requirements directly affect the size, type, features and cost of the required tooling. We can design your part in Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, or a special die casting alloy of your choosing. Our years of specialized experience in custom tooling means you will end up with a better finished product. We are experts in the selection of the proper material for die casting, how it can affect the part design, how it will impact the machine and tooling, and how the material chosen will effect the life of the dies.

One of the most important first steps when designing a die component is choosing the right alloy to use. The most widely chosen are aluminum, magnesium and zinc. They have many differing characteristics and properties that should be evaluated before you make a selection. JINGXIN® will utilize our knowledge and years of experience with different alloys and work with you and pick the best and most cost effective material for your entire project.

Sample characteristics to consider when choosing an alloy:

Choosing the correct die material can make or break the success of your castings.  If you use the wrong alloy, you can face delays, down-time, revisions and costly replacements. These are some of the key factors to evaluate when selecting the alloy for your die project:  Dimensional stability, Corrosion resistance, Casting ease, Part complexity, Dimensional accuracy, Die cost, Machining cost, Finishing cost and Tool production levels and replacement costs.

Die Casting Mold Making

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