Die casting is a metal casting process that injects molten metal through high pressure into a die. It is an economical process that can manufacture a high volume of parts. While die castings have a good surface finish, and are dimensionally accurate, porosity inside the part is inevitable.

Simply stated, porosity is any void or hole found within the casting. Porosity is inherent in die casting manufacturing. While economical, the high speed process of injecting molten metal into a die inherently creates porosity. The two most common types of casting porosity types are: gas porosity and shrinkage porosity.

Fully enclosed porosity is not a problem unless secondary machining uncovers this porosity. Machining can break fully enclosed porosity, which will then turn it to either Blind or Through porosity.

Causes of Porosity in Die Casting

  • The design of the mold and cast parts
  • The purity of the metal or alloy being used
  • Pressure and shot speed of the machines
  • Shrinkage of the material wall thickness
  • Too much lubricant in the die
  • Sharp corners in the mold
  • Low metal temperatures
  • Air trapped in the metal

The most common way to check for porosity is an X-ray of the material, using computerized tomography or by cutting and polishing a section and then analyzing it under a microscope.

How to Fix Die Casting Porosity?

Vacuum impregnation is a method that seals the casting resulting from porosity. The impregnating material is introduced into the voids within the wall thickness of the casting through vacuum and/or pressure methods. This method is a cost effective and permanent solution to casting porosity. There is no limit to the size of castings which can be impregnated.

A key characteristic of a successful impregnation process is that it seals the component without changing any of its assembly, functional or physical characteristics. Assembly characteristics include performance of tapped holes; the integrity of mating and sealing surfaces; and the elimination of residual contamination. Functional characteristics include the ability for fluids or gasses to flow only where needed in order to enhance in-service performance of the component’s design while physical characteristics, simply stated, are the component must not appear to be different in any manner.

If you’re concerned about the porosity of your casting, we recommend you contact us directly to learn more.

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