Available Finishes & Surface Treatment

The surface finish for the metal parts we can provide with are as the following:

A) Blacking, zinc plating, chrome plating and nickel plating for the Carbon steel and the low alloy steel parts;

B) Tumbling, hand dull polishing, mirror polishing, electrolytic polishing and passivation treatment for Stainless steel parts;

C) Sandblasting(including glass bead blasting, corundum-sand blasting, and quartz-sand blasting), polishing and anodizing for Aluminum parts.

From The Beginning, JINGXIN Has Offered Ourcustomers a Variety of Finishes on Their Castings

Finishing & surface treatment can be used for protection, decoration, and other uses. For example to your custom machining services parts, you may want to make electroplating or other post-treatment on your custom machined parts to protect it from oxidizing or mechanically brush the surface of the part to create a textured look. At JINGXIN® offers Various post-treatments & surface finish such as oil painting, powder coating, soft touch painting, Teflon & PVC coating, electroplating, aluminum anodizing, silk screen printing, laser engraving, Hardness treatment, wiredrawing, etc..or up to customer requirements.

On zinc castings, decorative finishes are achieved by wet painting, powder coating, chromating, phosphate coating, nickel plating, brass plating, tin plating and chrome plating.

Painting, chromating, anodizing and iridite coatings can be used as corrosion barriers. Hard chrome plating can be utilized to improve wear resistance and bright chrome plating is a prevailing choice for hardware applications.

On aluminum castings, Decorative finishes and improved corrosion resistance are achieved by wet painting, powder coating, iriditing, and anodizing. Hard coat anodizing on aluminum surfaces can greatly improve wear resistance

Quality Assurance System

JINGXIN® Die Casting company is ISO 9001-2008 and ISO/TS16949 Certificated.

We carry out strict quality plan and production control for FA, SPC, PPAP,APQP in accordance with ISO systems.

Our QC inspector, QC engineers, and managers were qualified with the third part of authorization quality agency.

Our facility is equipped with all necessary inspection equipment for dimensional, cosmetic, and functional testing.

Finishes  Making Finishes Making
Polishing & surface grinding In house Laser engraving Contacted suppliers
Sandblasting & Bead blasting In house Powder coating Contacted suppliers
Painting In house ElectroPlating Contacted suppliers
Screen printing for mark In house Anodizing Contacted suppliers




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Powder Coating

JINGXIN® Features

  • 100+ hours resistance to salt spray
  • Thin coating
  • Advanced coating adhesive techniques
  • Environmentally friendly
  • JINGXIN’s coating is completely chromium-free and RoHS compliant
  • Custom machining services & manufacturing services