Die casting

Casting involves pouring and subsequent cooling of a liquid metal into a tailor-made mould hollow cavity of the desired shape, and waiting for its solidification. This solidified part is known as a casting and is then ejected or broken out of the mould and is used for the following manufacturing procedure. It is divided into two main categories: Expendable and Non-Expendable Castings; and each is further dependent on the mould material, pouring method and application of pressure.

JINGXIN® Precision Machinary Co., LTD provides Zinc Die Cast and Aluminium Die Cast for a variety of products, besides performing High Pressure Die Cast. We have always taken keen interest in all press working dies for a variety of purposes that they serve including jigs, fixtures, dies, moulds, machine tools, cutting tools, gauges and other tools used in manufacturing processes. We also make alloys for four-wheelers for our clients. All our products come benchmarked as per worldwide JIS and DIN standards.

One-stop Die Cast Manufacturing Service

Die Casting Advantages

Die cast can have significant advantages over other manufacturing processes, which often lead to major cost savings, not only in the part price itself but also in the overall cost of production. When you cast a part, you can create complex net shapes, including external threads and complex internal features with minimal draft angles—minimizing secondary operations. You can also combine multiple parts into a single part, eliminating assembly operations and lowering labor costs, with the added benefits of simplified stock control and greater component consistency.

Other benefits include:

  • Variable wall thicknesses
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Fewer steps from raw material to finished part
  • Fast production cycle times
  • Reduction in material scrap
  • Long tool life, especially for zinc and magnesium

Die Cast Process

There isn’t one single process that can suit every project. Each project is different which is why JINGXIN offers multiple solutions for all die cast needs.

Engineering Expertise

We began as pattern makers and today offer complete design assistance for wood and metal patterns, including close tolerance aluminum castings. Our specialized knowledge enables us to meet customer needs for aluminum sand castings requiring up to seven cores. Additionally, we have the know how to handle your production requirements for the numerous manufacturing processes referenced above.

Full Service

JINGXIN® is a full-service supplier of quality products in the aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, CNC machining, tool & die molding industries. We are an ISO 9001:2008 and IATF 16949 certified company dedicated to providing the highest quality aluminum die casting parts. We have the capabilities to provide any kind of custom-designed product that you require. Our technician has over 10 years on average of tenure in order to better serve you. We have been serving customers in various fields, which include new energy automobile, LED lighting, industrial automation, communication engineering products and more.

One-stop Die Casting Manufacturing Service

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