CNC Machining

CNC Machining services are efficient in terms of both time and cost.

JINGXIN® is a CNC machining services company in China, trusted by BMW(Germany), VOLVO (Sweden), NFL(USA), as an approved contracting custom CNC machining services supplier in China since 2014. 

At JINGXIN® precision machinery Ltd., offers CNC machining services including CNC milling services and CNC turning services, we work with various kind of material such as plastic and metal parts for Short-run production or 10000+ production. Applications include parts for Auto parts, medical, Aerospace CNC machining with Aerospace material industry.etc. 

Tolerance range  of precise CNC machined parts from +/- 0.005mm~0.01mm;

The standard Lead time within 1-2 weeks. Rush Service Available

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Industrial Served

Automotive CNC Milling and turning Heavy Equipment 
Electronic components made by CNC milling Trucking accessories production CNC machining
Medical parts 5 Axis CNC machining services Music Equipment
Semiconductor prototype CNC machining services Custom CNC machining Mining parts 
Signage  Security products Online CNC machining
Military accurate CNC machining services Construction CNC machining manufacturer
Industrial contract CNC machining services  Architectural CNC machined parts

Our Advantages

team work

quick model

custom on demand

valume added services

Quick turn & Service

Quick feedback in 24 hours.Case by case  followed via One-on-one service.

Fast Lead time

JINGXIN skilled machinists produce high-quality parts as little as 3-6 working days

Custom finishes

Select from a variety of finishes and surface treatment or up on request.

High precision

tolerances ranging from +/-0.01mm – 0.05mm, or up on customers’ specs.

Value Added service

Product design, Assembly, Packaging, Programming

Custom CNC Machining & Milling  Capabilities

cnc rapid prototyping
cnc turning services

A Full Range of Services

CNC Milling CNC Turning
High speed drilling Tapping
Boring Slotting
Reaming Rotary Broaching

Value Added  Services

Lasing cutting service Laser Marking
Laser Engraving for Anodizing CNC machined aluminum parts Welding & Forming for sheet metal fabrication
Debrring to remove all sharp edges and burrs Assembly & Packaging
Product design & assistance Programming

Multi-Axis (4 & 5 Axis) CNC machine center and Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) Maximum machining size

  • Maximum Table size 1200mmLx1000mmW
  • Spindle speeds up to 12,000 RPM
  • Z heights to 508mm
No. Model Brand sets Maximum machining parts size Year
01 3 Axis CNC machine center Brother(Taiwan) 20 1200mmL*1000mmW*500mmH 2014
02 4Axis CNC machine center HASS (USA) 5 1000mmL*1000mmW*500mmH 2015
03 5 Axis CNC machine center Brother(Taiwan) 3 800mmL*800mmW*400mmH 2015
04  CNC Lath BAOJI(CHINA) 10 400mm Diameter 2014
CNC machining services

CNC machining  services(workmanship)VS  Traditional 

Advantage CNC machining services VS Traditional Manufacturing
Lead times Fast in 3-7 days for 100-1000 pcs production Slow
Production efficiency High speed machining equal to save cost Low
3D complex parts 4& 5  Axis CNC machining simple parts
Operation Control  Computer Numerical Control Depends on the skilled machinist
Surface high, smooth and bur free N/A
Quality assurance One stop site for Tiny or large parts with complex design one type equipment Only for a single process

Available Materials Listing

♦General Purpose material for CNC machining services, Raw material forms can be sheet/bar stick/tubing/plate

♦All materials comply with RoHS  (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances), the Material certificate and X-ray inspection report are available. 

Non-Metal & Plastics bar /sheet

No. Non-metal Material for CNC machining process
01 ABS
02 PC (Polycarbonate)
03 Delrin
05 POM
06 PMMA (Acrylic)
07 Bakelite
08 PVC
09 Teflon
10 Other special plastic


No. Type Grade (made in China Or  Germany, Japan
01 Aluminum Alloy EN AW 2007/2017A 5052 /5754/6061/ 6063 / 7075 ,.etc.
02 Brass&Copper 3602 /  H59 / H62 / C3600/C38500/,.etc.
03 Stainless steel SS 301, SS303/SS304,SS316/SS316L/SS400,SS430,etc
04 Carbon Steel A2,D2,S136,Q235,GB#20,GB#45.etc
05 Titanium Alloy
06 Magnesium alloy
07 Zinc alloy
08 Tungsten Carbide YG8,YG10
09 Other Up on Customer’s requests

Available finishes & surface treatment

JINGXIN Features

  • 100+ hours resistance to salt spray
  • Thin coating
  • Advanced coating adhesive techniques
  • Environmentally friendly
  • JINGXIN’s coating is completely chromium free and RoHS compliant
CNC rapid prototyping


CNC prototype


CNC prototyping


CNC prototypes

Color Samples

CNC aluminum prototype parts


CNC machined auto parts

Chemical Black

CNC rapid prototyping


Rapid prototyping

Vacuum Plating

Screen printing for Logo

3d printing and rapid prototyping

Rubber painting

CNC prototyping

Powder coating

CNC plastic prototypes

Hot Galvanized

Precision machined components

CNC milling components

CNC Turning

CNC Turning

precision cnc-machining china


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